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About the Artist

I live and work in Coastal South Carolina after having spent many years living and working in Manhattan and growing up on Long Island. I have also spent time working in the Brandywine Pennsylvania countryside as well as studying in Paris. Although trained to paint portraits and still life, living in low country with its diverse natural environment is continually renewing in spirit and provides a wide variety of motifs for inspiration. I have devoted the last number of years to a project that has incorporated many figurative pieces so it has been refreshing to be able to go back and forth between the landscape , seascape and the figure. I also find the continued study of the artists I admire to be a great source of daily artistic inspiration. They are Inness, Zorn, Sargent, Sorrolla.... as well as so many others from all centuries. To me their work has in it what Joseph Campbell said could only be described as “sublime” when viewing a great work of art. I interpret this to be a glimpse of universal truth.